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February 27, 2008

Tomorrows class card!!!

Good morning!! 

Today I'm struggling with which card to use for tomorrows class!!!  Would you like to help me out?  I'm going to cut my other four projects first and that will give you time to vote.  There's so little difference, maybe I should just put the paper on the table and let everyone choose.  (If you purchased my kit, let me know if you'd like Pretty in Pink or Soft Sky.)   

Soft_sky_good_egg Pretty_in_pink_good_egg_2

p.s. I've had a headache for over 24  hours and I'm so happy I was able to whip this card out while talking to my sister Kim.  She shared with me her knew means Pray until something happens.  Don't you like that??

   Have a great day!!


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I vote for soft sky! Love that little chick - can't wait to make one!!

I vote for the pink.. love the yellow chick...

Darling Cards - I like the pink one. Great blog too!

It seems the only difference is the strip of paper, I would let them choose as they can pick pink it for a girl or blue for a boy.

First, let me say a friend found your blog last week or so and WE LOVE IT! We love your cards and paper crafts (and totally envy how prolific you are) and find the stamping academy to be a fantastic resource. Thank you so much!

That said, my vote is for the pink one - just love that litte yellow chick and glitter!

Ooo! I love that word! PUSH..I will have to write that down so I don't forget. How neat! About your cards, my favorite is definitely the yellow chick with the pink strip! I am a huge fan of pink though! :D Thanks for valuing our opinion! It means a lot to us!

Hi I like the pink and green best. It would be nice to have both for the ladys to pick their own. The new word Kim has is the shirt that my best friend Carla had worn to Cora's birth. I have a photo of her holding Cora. I love it also, see ya Deanna

Both are nice but I think I am a leaning more towards the Pretty in Pink. Your idea of putting the paper on the table and letting everyone choose it a great idea!!

I'm drawn more to the pink one. These are so cute & the colors remind me that spring can't be far away (at least I can hope!)

Definitely pretty in pink, it warms up the card! The chick is so cute and your card layout is great. Love your blog! Thanks!

Love the pink one

I am all about letting the "students" & participants choose for themselves...UNIQUELY Yours..I always say....LOVE the PUSH description...sounds like a CARD just waiting to happen!....feel better!!

Love the soft sky. Hope your headache goes away. Nothing worse than trying to deal with that. Keep "PUSH"ing. See you tomorrow at card class

Hi Angie, definitely the pink! It just POPS! So bright and are so like me...I usually send pics of my options to Shelly and make her decide which one I should do with my group. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!! thanks for all your inspiration!!!! Lisa

I like the pink better. I think the pink and the yellow chick make the card more bright and cheery.

Hi Angie! I love both of them but if I had to choose which to demo it would be the pink one for some contrast! HTH! And, I love your sister's saying, it is awesome! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

I vote for pink. It seems more traditional with the yellow chick! Nice work, wish I could multi-task like you!

Pretty in Pink. The chick is just too cute in yellow!!! But then again, why couldn't you use soft sky and still color the chick yellow? The possibilities are endless.

Very cute! I really like them both. Was leaning towards soft sky, but the pink is really cute too.

Hey Girl, per our conversation you have given me a lot to think about!! :)

I love the cards. Pink is my pick. Have fun tomorrow at your class!!!

Love the pink!

I like both cards but I think the pink one would have to be the one I would choose if I had to choose between them.

I like the pink one, but they are both cute!!! You have such cute ideas, I really enjoy checking your site each day. I am so glad I stubbled acrossed it!!!!!

Cute card, I would let them pick the paper
they both look fabulous.


They are both cute as can be!! I choose pink..........NOOOOO blue...................ummmmmmmm a choice would work LOL

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